Veneto: magical land of art, culture, tradition and fun.


Abano is situated in the picturesque area of the Euganean Hills, and since the days of Imperial Rome it has been the most important and famous thermal resort in Europe: in 49 BC, a Romanised group of upper-middle class Paduan’s promoted the establishment of public baths and thermal establishments where people could go to invigorate the body and mind. Wide avenues, gardens, fountains, theatres and beautiful patrician villas gradually grew up around the baths and hot springs.

Today the area of Abano is still characterized by the presence of vast, extremely neat and well-cared for green areas, home to many thermal resorts where the ancient healing tradition of water has been revived to ensure the maximum satisfaction of guests. Abano Terme has always taken the needs of its holidaymakers to heart, offering many cultural pastimes (the "Amleto and Donato Sartori" International Museum of the Mask), entertainment (plays and musicals in the Magnolia Park) and sports (national horse show at the Villa Bassi Rathgeb). And for the more discerning guest, the city’s pedestrian area is lined with a wide variety of elegant shops and exclusive boutiques, and in winter there is a wonderful Christmas market.

We also recommend a walk through the adjacent Euganean Hills, home to ancient abbeys, churches, monasteries, and small medieval villages such as Arquà Petrarca ( There are also numerous agriturismos and wine estates, where you can taste typical Venetian dishes accompanied by one of our delicious local wines, all of which boast the DOC designation.


For lovers of this noble sport, the Hotel Tritone Terme has secured favourable rates at three magnificent golf clubs nearby.

By booking directly at our reception, you can take advantage of an attractive discount on the "green fee".

14 km away from the Hotel, this course boasts 27 holes and is situated in a park full of exquisite and sought-after plant species.

8 Km away from the Hotel. Ex estate of the Emo Capodilista family, home to a 13th century castle and Dario Varotari’s Venetian villa, built in the 16th century; open year round. The course has 27 holes and is situated in a flat area that will engage and entertain both the novice and the expert.

10 km away from the Hotel. Nestled in the estate of the Papafava Carraresi family, this 18-hole course is situated in a fairy-tale park designed by Jappelli. Here you will find one of the most challenging holes in Europe.


Abano Terme is within easy reach of many places of historic and cultural interest, including the cities of Padua, Venice, Vicenza and Verona..

Just 10 Km away from Abano Terme there is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Art, culture and science have their roots in Padua: Giotto’s fresco’s in the famous Cappella degli Scrovegni; the historic world-renowned University, where Galileo Galilei taught between 1592 and 1610; the ancient Orto Botanico, founded in 1545 for the study of medicinal plants, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997; the enormous elliptical Prato della Valle square, surrounded by the water of the Alicorno canal and embellished with statues of well-known figures associated with the history of this wonderful city.

Padua is also a city of faith: the Basilica of S. Antonio is visited by millions of devotees and tourists from around the world every year; building began in 1232, a few months after the death of the Saint, in order to hold his remains. Then there is the Basilica of S. Giustina, one of the oldest examples of the population’s faith and Christian architecture in the Padua area, the S. Maria Assunta Cathedral, the Sanctuary of S. Leopoldo Mandič, and the Churches of S. Sofia and San Massimo, to name just a few.

Can be reached by car, bus or train. The train is the easiest and fastest way, taking only 40 minutes from Terme Euganee station.

Arriving by car can be difficult as it is not easy to find parking, but you can try on Tronchetto Island, in Piazzale Roma or in Mestre, from where you can take a bus for the city centre

Once in Venice, you can move easily on foot or by boat, at affordable prices. The main places of interest are the Church of S. Marco, the Palace of the Doges and the Rialto bridge, where you will find the characteristics stalls. This world-famous city is particularly unusual in that it is spread across several natural islets, built by the Venetians in order to make their city impregnable to attacks from the mainland. In fact, the charm of the city has its roots in this defensive strategy of the past, and is what makes Venice unique in the world.

As well as the city, the lagoon dotted with small islands is well worth a thorough visit. Craftsmanship still flourishes on these islands today, the most popular being Burano with its handmade lace, Murano, famous for the exquisite productions of glassmakers, and the solitary Torcello. These islands will leave you with the impression of living in another era, where traditions and customs have not yet been affected by the passing of time.

Vicenza and Verona can also be easily reached by car or public transport.

Is one of the oldest cities with Roman origins. It is widely known as the "City of Palladio", as works by the famous architect can be seen throughout the city.

In Vicenza it is worth seeing the Piazza dei Signori, the Basilica Palladiana and the Teatro Olimpico. A noteworthy religious site is the church of Monte Berico and its beautiful staircase.

“There is no world for me outside the walls of Verona”, wrote William Shakespeare in his tragic play about the two young lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Verona, city of love and the second most important city in Italy, after Rome, for its almost intact Roman remains: the famous amphitheatre, the Arena, able to hold more than 20.000 people, today hosts the most famous and prestigious concerts and operas in the world.


The Management offers its assistance for the purchase of tickets for various performances. We can also organize transfers to and from Verona.
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