A holiday at the Hotel Tritone Terme is synonymous with healing and well-being in its purest form: this is why we have created a wonderful thermal treatment centre and state-of-the-art Spa. Success is guaranteed by the constant presence of a medical specialist, the professionalism of our staff and the quality of our products! We are one of the few hotels that can boast 4 thermal water wells on its property: our thermal mud and water are certified.


Today, science has confirmed the therapeutic properties of the water and mud that over the centuries have made Abano Terme a world famous resort. A state of well-being guaranteed by quality tests, which guests at the Hotel Tritone can make the most of.


open every day. The center is equipped with a sauna, steam bath, Mediterranean bath, Revitalizing Waterlilies, infrared cabin, the Finnish sauna, the Soft Sauna, the Snow Cave and the Pink Salt Room.

The ARQUÀ PETRARCA SAUNA CENTER is open all day and can be used at no extra cost. Photo Gallery »


The presence of warm steam (45-48° C and 95% humidity) helps the regulation of the skin’s pH balance as well as keeping the skin moisturized and clean. It is also recommended for improving respiratory activity. The addition of natural essences inhaled through the steam also provides a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath. We recommend a stay of 15-20 minutes and possibly repeating this for two or three times, spacing each time with 15 minutes of relaxation.


The “Warm Waterlily” or “Tropical shower” starts with a water massage from some side jets; then the rain falls together with the natural essence of maracuja while orange lighting provides a tropical sensation. The “Cold Waterlily” includes a water massage from the side jets, a cool mist with a refreshing mint essence and cool blue lighting.


The heat power is used to kill pain naturally, give wellbeing and strengthen health. The soft C-type infrared rays bring heat deeply and evenly warm up the entire body. A session in the infrared cabin works as light training for the cardiovascular system; it favors cleansing and detoxification of the body through intense sweating as well as weight loss. It strengthens the immune system and it is useful to fight contractures and lumbar pain; it also helps improve several skin diseases.


The Mediterranean bath recalls the concept of transmitting heat by irradiation as it occurred in the Ancient Roman Spa. It is a unique, pleasant and sensorial environment where you will be welcomed with its enveloping and amazing heat: temperatures are between 45 and 50° C and the humidity is between 55% to 65%. It favors the elimination of metabolic waste and excess water, rebalances sleep patterns, tightens the skin and, with a prolonged stay favored by controlled temperatures, causes the elimination of fat accumulations while provides psycho-physical well-being.


A peaceful oasis in a winter landscape: a rocky and private scenery creates a cozy environment that gives a feeling of quiet and ancestral protection to rediscover oneself and one’s wellbeing. The soft and fresh snow deposited on the rocks can be collected and used to massage the body in order to decrease the body temperature after the sauna to complete the wellbeing treatment.


An original environment that reproduces the effects of the sea climate: heated relaxation beds and a wall covered with the salt that is ionized and beneficially released into the room where a stove adjusts and keeps constant the intensity of heat and humidity.


The word “sauna” comes from Finnish and was born and spread in the cold Northern countries. Typically, the sauna was located in lodges or huts built near lakes or water streams and they were made from fir trunks or birch wood which was evaporated and left rough so that the wood could keep its capacity to absorb and transude the steam.In order to fight extreme temperatures (85-95° C- 15% humidity), the body triggered a thermal regulation process which favored intense sweating and caused the opening of skin pores from which toxins were elim-inated; the muscles and blood system took advantage of it. Nowadays, the natural habit of having a sauna is fashionable again as it revitalizes the body, while having depurative toning, slimming effects; it also helps to fight stress.


Something between a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath: temperatures between 50 and 60° C and 50-60% humidity. Fresh water flows on scalding stones aromatized with natural essences. The soft sauna helps eliminate metabolic waste and excess water, tones up and provides psycho-physical well-being.


“Salus per Aquam” or, in other words, health through water, and therefore the hydro-thermal treatments that throughout history have been a complementary element to healing systems: from rheumatic diseases to those of the respiratory tract and skin, among others.

Our thermal water originates in the Piccole Dolomiti (Little Dolomites) and then penetrates the subsoil down to a depth of three thousand metres. Over about 25-30 years underground, it is gradually enriched with extremely beneficial minerals (potassium, sodium, magnesium, iodine and silica), eventually surfacing in the Euganean thermal basin at a temperature of 87 ° C.

Hot, mineral and therapeutic water: a precious source of well-being since ancient Roman times, which in the Euganean basin gave life to the flourishing area of Terme Euganee (27 BC - 14 AD), under the domain of Emperor Augustus.

Immersing yourself in our water for "a simple bath" is all you need to help dissolve your stress and rejuvenate your body and spirit, in a warm and relaxing environment.
Thermal Treatment par excellence, is a genuine source of well-being without the side effects of drugs. The combination of our thermal water (hyperthermal salsobromoiodic) and the clay originating from the lakes of Lispida and Arquà, creates the thermal mud which, after a slow maturation process in special tanks, is applied during the mud therapy sessions. The thermal water flows at a constant rate during the two to three months of maturation, causing the mud to change its chemical and physical properties.

The mud therapy session takes place in four distinct stages: the Guest is made comfortable in a peaceful room, where the thermal mud is applied to the areas of the body that have been recommended by the doctor; they are then covered and left to relax. The mud has an average temperature of 38 °to 40° and is left on the body for fifteen - twenty minutes, depending on the medical prescription. The mud is then removed; this is followed by a thermal shower and a hot thermal bath enriched with ozone. The thermal water is almost body temperature, between 36 ° and 38 ° and the relaxing bath lasts for about ten minutes; the treatment is completed with a revitalising massage aimed at stimulating muscular and nervous activity.

Indications: Today the diseases for which mud therapy is recommended and prescribed are increasingly numerous; the most frequent are the various types of arthropathies: arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, and osteo-arthropathies caused by aging, eating disorders (gout) and trauma. Excellent results can also be seen during the recovery period after injuries or fractures. It has also been found that mud therapy can have significant effects on problems occurring before and after pregnancy (swelling, kidney disorders, skin discoloration, hair loss); allergic and auto-immune inflammatory diseases; and skin alterations (dermatitis and dermatosis).

These are specific curative massages for specific problems. They have a targeted function and can be more or less penetrating. The massage improves circulation, tones the muscle mass and gives a sense of restored well-being.

Physiotherapy is indicated in the treatment of all muscle or joint disorders deriving from injuries, bad habits or posture and various painful syndromes.

Being able to use the thermal pools facilitates the execution of recovery techniques, speeding up the healing process.

A thousand year-old invention ...
Roman baths were genuine "temples of pleasure", places to meet and learn, oases of health, glorious arenas of art and culture, where people gathered to listen to their body and spirit.
Their secret lay in the healing power of the heat produced by the famous Roman ovens, the hypocausts. These were genuine, sophisticatedly engineered thermo-hydraulic systems powered by wood and charcoal. The heated water arrived directly in the baths, while rivers, channelled through aqueducts, radiated heat in the walls and floors of the individual rooms. Heat, forever one of man’s necessities, was the undisputed protagonist of the Roman Baths. Through bioclimatology and the right amount of heat, with different temperature ranges and in different areas, incredible health benefits were obtained, as well as a general state of well-being and relaxation. The architectural articulation of the different areas in the Thermae was designed and developed around the heat source, the hypocaust. The room closest to the hypocaust was the Laconicum (hot room), where they took intense sweat baths thanks to the searing temperature. The adjoining room was the Caldarium, a steam room with a hot plunge bath. Further away there was the Tepidarium, which had a lukewarm temperature (as the name implies), designed for resting after hot baths and to counter the harmful effects of the abrupt transition from extreme heat to extreme cold.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.
(Kahlil Gibran)


These are much more than just simple massages: they involve slow and targeted movements, methods that harmonise the body, rebalance inner energies and stimulate the flow of vital energy. We offer Ayurvedic treatments, originating from ancient Indian medicine, Oriental rebalancing treatments, anti-stress treatments and reflexology foot massages, which reduce tension and revitalize the entire body. You can’t miss the Shiatzu massage carried out by our Thai therapists.


The healing properties of algae have been known for centuries. In fact, by osmosis, they contain all the main substances contained in that extraordinary reservoir of life that is the Ocean: minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and amino acids.

We use the Cosmethic line of treatments for our Thalasso spa: an exclusive range of products that uses algae and marine extracts from an area of Brittany that boasts one of the purest waters in the world. Processing takes place within twenty-four hours of harvesting, ensuring that the algae and extracts maintain their original properties.


Our state-of-the-art beauty and aesthetics centre offers a wide range of treatments and cures for the face and body, and is able to meet the individual needs of our valued clients. Targeted treatments for all skin types, suitable for both younger and more mature skin, with preventive, curative and restorative action. Shock wave therapy for cellulite, but also to combat the signs of aging.


This is our full line of products and treatments for the care and beauty of the face and body. An innovative line that was created using a fusion of science, nature and ancient traditions, and above all the experience we have gained in the course of our long history.

Specific treatments for the face and body, with natural active ingredients that smooth and moisturize the skin. T-LINE cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and for all ages, and thanks to their exclusive formula they are not oily or greasy and are easily absorbed by the skin.

Toning line
Sensitive skin
Anti-age line for mature skin
Soothing Aftershave Balm
Almond oil emulsion
Olive oil emulsion
Cream moisturiser
Anti-cellulite firming cream
Cellulite blemish reduction cream
Olive oil hand cream
Tired foot balm
Shampoo and shower gel line
Thermal water rich in mineral salts to spray on the body to tone the skin.


Farmogal Cosmetics Sciences is a leading-edge company in the research and production of cosmetics and beauty treatments. It has built its name on hard work, scientific research and unrelenting attention to quality. The company has been awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certification, respectively for its Quality Management System and Environmental Management System.

We have been working with this cosmetics company for several years now, offering our guests a wide choice of facial and body treatments tailored to meet the diverse needs of the skin.

You can purchase all the products used by our beauticians at our Boutique: continue your new beauty routine at home!

In addition, you can take advantage of a free examination of your skin, so as to identify the right treatments for your needs.