From the Orient

A Journey of the Senses to restore balance of the Body-Mind-Spirit

At our Spa, on the first floor, an entire area is dedicated to oriental treatments and rituals, which originate from the healing traditions of India, Thailand, China and Japan.

Age-old oriental medical science considers the various aspects of a pain or physical ailment and treats it accordingly. Restoring the balance of a person's body-mind-spirit is fundamental to solving the problem.

Following this concept, all Ayurvedic, Thai and Far-Eastern treatments have a holistic approach to Guests.

Ayurveda: the "Science of Life

Ayurvedic treatments are also particularly ideal for counteracting sleep disorders, migraines, tension, chronic pain and poor circulation.

  • 2 Ayurvedic treatment cabins, with carved wooden beds, ideal for Swedana (steam bath) and Shirodhara (head oiling)
  • High-quality Ayurvedic oils are used
  • Various types of massage are available depending on your Dosha
  • Pindasweda prepared in the traditional Indian way

Discover our range of oriental treatments and paths

To offer you an all-round Oriental Experience, we entrust you to truly expert hands. We are proud to have three Thai operators and one Nepalese operator in our team of specialised staff.

Oriental Experience

Our operators will welcome you in traditional dress, with a slight bow of the head and the Namaste greeting. The scent of incense, a gentle touch for connection to gently tell the body to relax and the mind to let go.

This is followed by skilled and embracing manual techniques, the breathing rhythm, scented oils, fingertip pressure, stretching and muscle lengthening. With your eyes closed, you will feel yourself being transported far away.

And when, at the end of the treatment, you are asked to "return", you will reluctantly open your eyes and... feel reborn. New energies, thoroughly relaxed, de-contracted and more balanced.

At the end of the treatment, we recommend a little more relaxation. Our Guests can enjoy an Ayurvedic herbal tea, with spicy notes of ginger and cardamom, or more earthy ones, to match the treatment received and to prolong the feeling of wellness on this journey - a round trip - into the world of oriental wellness.