Walter’s Bar

Exclusive tastes, sophisticated events

We invite you to the heart of the Tritone Lifestyle: Walter's Bar is the place for socialising and evening entertainment in the large function room. It also welcomes you to more intimate and cosy spaces, elegant lounges, the fireplace room and the Cigar Room.

The Bar Brigade led by our Lady Barman Daiana are expert creators of Cocktails: reveal your preferences and be amazed by the elaborate flavours with seasonal ingredients and some exotic touches.

Our wine list also includes a selection of the finest rums, whiskies and spirits, to be sipped pure or combined with flavour enhancers such as chocolate and... chilli.

Cigar Room

For those who love cigars, we have a fine selection of Cuban cigars available for pairing with one of our rums for an almost 'meditative' experience in our Cigar Room.

Pool Bar

Open every day from 10am to 7pm, in the indoor pool area in the Hesperides Garden.