Sauna World

Our exclusive oasis of peace

A timeless dimension of silence, rest and health thanks to the heat, beneficial steam and essences of our Saunas. An evocative setting: you will feel as if you are walking through the cobbled streets, of trachyte stone, of the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca, where the Supreme Poet, Petrarch, lived.

In Short


every day, from 11am to 8pm


Access permitted from 16 years upwards


Textile free (no costume)

Soft Sauna

Temperature 50-60°C | Humidity 50-60%.

It promotes the elimination of metabolic waste and excess fluids, tones and provides psycho-physical wellbeing, also thanks to the essences released from scalding hot aromatic stones.

Pink Salt Room

It simulates the beneficial effects of the maritime climate: while resting on the heated stone relaxation beds, you can inhale the ionised salt from the heat of the central stove, which controls its intensity.

Steam Bath

Temperature 45-48°C | Humidity 95%.

Hot steam helps control skin PH, and moisturise and cleanse the skin. This steam bath is also recommended for improving respiratory functions. The addition of natural essences, inhaled through the steam, provides a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath.

Revitalising Waterlilies

The "Hot Water Lily" or "Tropical Shower" starts with a revitalising water massage from a few side jets. This is followed by a rain shower with natural essence of maracuja and orange chromotherapy for a tropical sensation. The "Cold Water Lily" includes a massage with water jets at the side, a cold mist with refreshing natural mint essence and blue chromotherapy.

Infrared Cabin

The power of heat is used to relieve pain naturally in order to provide lasting wellness and strengthen your health. Gentle type C infrared rays bring a pleasant warmth deep down, allowing even and optimal heating of the whole body. A session in the infrared cabin corresponds to a light workout for the cardiovascular system. It promotes purification and detoxification of the body through intense sweating and weight loss, and strengthens the immune system. It can be useful for contractures and lower back pain, and helps to alleviate various skin conditions.

Mediterranean Bath

Temperature 45-50°C | Humidity 55-65%.

The Mediterranean bath reintroduces the concept of transmitting heat by irradiation, as was used in ancient Roman Thermae. It facilitates the elimination of metabolic waste and excess fluids, rebalances sleep patterns and tones the skin. With a prolonged stay, favoured by controlled temperatures, it helps to eliminate accumulations of adipose and provides psycho-physical well-being.

Snow Cave

The rocky, intimate setting creates a cosy atmosphere that conveys peace and protection. Soft, fresh snow deposited on rocks can be collected and used to massage the body, thus promoting a decrease in body temperature to complement the wellness treatment in combination with the sauna.

Finnish Sauna

Temperature 85-95°C | Humidity 15%.

Recommendation: Don't miss the Aufguss sessions, the steam jets, themed according to our programme of activities.

To counteract this exceptional temperature, the body triggers a process of thermoregulation that encourages intense sweating to open the pores of the skin and eliminate toxins. It is also beneficial to the cardiovascular system and for toning muscles. It has a purifying, toning and slimming action, and is a way to relieve stress.

The Fireplace Room

A relaxation area with suspended rocking beds. Close your eyes and literally let yourself be lulled into a gentle warmth.

The Farmer’s Room

A rest area between one steam bath and the next; intimate and quiet, with ergonomic folding beds, the scent of hay and lavender, and a wooden wall.

The Herbal Tea Room

For rehydrating after losing liquids in the sauna and for a healthy snack: flavoured water, herbal teas, apples and nuts.

The Outdoor Patio

What better reaction to a sauna session than a cold shower under the open sky? The patio is reminiscent of the typical Venetian “brolo”, a vegetable garden also commonly found in the houses of Arquà Petrarca.