Our Mission

Tritone Sustainability

The wellbeing of the person depends on the surrounding environment.

The great love and respect we have for Mother Nature have led us to create a business model capable of creating “value” as well as economical and financial results: a value understood as a growing focus on environmental and social responsibilities.

Our mission can be summarized in 4 essential concepts:

  • use of technologies that reduce energy consumption as much as possible
  • a careful selection of products that have the smallest impact on the environment
  • social development of local communities
  • awareness of our guests to the respect the environment

We made this brochure to share our efforts and beliefs with you so that you know what goes on “behind the scenes” during your holidays. We trust that the philosophy and the management tools that are applied at the Hotel Tritone will make our impact on the environment and natural beauty of the untouched places that surround us as small as possible.


Our hotel is located at the foot of the Euganean Hills Regional Park, one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the region. The decision to build the hotel there was perfect since it gave access to the area’s warm thermal water while also having a unrivalled view and micro-climate.

To help promote morphological integration even more, we have turned the roofs into hanging gardens where, despite the limited weight and thickness, water can accumulate in large quantities and allow the essences to thrive even in the event of long drought periods. That water reserve supplies the vegetation through a capillary ascent process that guarantees that the system will survive for about seven weeks without any rainfall. Moreover, it guarantees a lower heat dispersion during the winter season and lower temperatures of the roof during the summer, greatly affecting the energy expenses for maintaining comfortable temperatures in the building. Wherever a hanging garden couldn’t be used, a special cover was mounted and made of a certified, safe, natural, sustainable and recyclable material: zinc-titanium. Zinc is one of the first ten elements present on the terrestrial crust; it is the second trace element after iron and it has an important role in numerous physiological and biochemical functions. It regulates hormones, stabilizes the cell membrane, influences growth and has important functions for the nerves, eyes, skin, immune system as well as for the healing process of wounds. At its mineral status, zinc is largely available both geologically and geographically. It is mainly extracted in the open air worldwide. Recycling has a fundamental role in the sustainable construction industry and zinc is 100% recyclable without needing additional procedures such as removing painting or separating materials.

As concerns thermal insulation, we used energy efficient windows combined with high performance, low emission double glazing. The double-glazing pane is different from a standard glass pane because it fits a special treatment that prevents dispersion and stops most shortwave radiation. For insulating the building, we used natural and fire-proof materials such as mineral wool made from the fusion and spinning of natural rock. We also tried to respect the beauty of the location and nature through the furnishing and design where we only used natural materials: wood in the rooms, Italian marble and Italian wood for the parquet. All the paint used was water-based paint and without any chemicals. Tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases and towels are all made of natural cotton fibre without any chemical treatments.

Waste Management

Great effort is made every day to use, whenever possible, recyclable and biocompatible materials such as paper and recycled paper. We also try to limit the use of paper when corresponding with our guests and suppliers and when communicating internally among the various departments.

We are aware that our activity involves a high production of organic and inorganic waste and that is why we try to use the least possible amount of disposable products and packaging. We pay great attention to separate and dispose of waste such as organic waste, paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and other waste; we also dispose of special materials, such as printer toners and frying oil, by delivering them to companies that specialize in recovering special waste.

Waste separation is carried out in all the hotel departments except in the rooms because the waste is later separated in our Housekeeping department.

Water Saving

In accordance to our philosophy of protecting the environment as much as possible, we have decided to save water by collecting rain in large tanks. That water is later used to irrigate the greenery. Professional cleaning products are carefully selected and the laundry management is especially critical to us because both water and energy are largely used for heating water, supplying appliances and drying and ironing the laundry. A great amount of cleansers is used for these processes. That is why we have tried to reduce the number of washes in each room by changing the towels and sheets only upon the guest’s request. As concerns the cleansers, we have been collaborating with an important eco-friendly company that is a member of a select group of companies acknowledged by the European Union for being environmentally responsible in performing their production processes. The Ecolabel system is a part of the environmental and industrial policy of the European Union whose goal is to promote the trade of eco-friendly products. The certificate proves that specific requirements, named Criteria, have been met. The criteria identify what has an environmental impact such as the extraction of raw materials as well as the production and disposal of the product.

Energy Saving

Only thanks to the use of thermal water, which makes Abano Terme unique, have we achieved two important results. The installation of heat exchangers and the high temperatures of thermal water extracted from the soil have allowed us to use water until it almost cools down, consequently allowing us to avoid any CO2 emission for a total of 605 tons per year which means we have saved 175 tons of oil per year. The design of this technical installation was very challenging but the result is that we were able to protect the environment and provide luxurious comforts and services. All this led to the total elimination of all gas and oil fired boilers. Moreover, we are equipped with management software that allows us to save even more energy. Lights are almost entirely managed by external sensors that detect the intensity of natural light and consequently reduce or regulate internal light. Other hotel areas are controlled by timers that switch lights on or off during the nights or when lights are less necessary. Even the purchase of LED lights or low consumption bulbs prove our environmental responsibility, such as the fact that we have fitted our hotel with an automatic switch off system of the air conditioning units, heating units and lights in the hotel rooms. We have also purchased power efficient appliances such as minibars, TV sets, fan coil units, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and other kitchen appliances, refrigerating units and cooling tower ...

Social Responsibility

Our concept of social responsibility is related to the behaviour that our company has towards society. Our role in this challenge of a sustainable development involves the protection and valorisation of people and it is supported by all of our staff. The real key to the Hotel Tritone’s success is the excellence of our staff, who we care for as much as our guests. Therefore, special attention is taken when a new employee is recruited and the capability to face his/her job or develop the career is closely evaluated. The main goal is to create a trustful relationship and the feeling of being part of a family as we know that this results in providing our guests with high-quality service. Training courses and internal professional growth as well as several benefits are offered to our employees whose performance and attention in the workplace are carefully evaluated.
If possible, when recruiting a new employee, we try to favour people living in the surrounding villages.

Our social responsibility is not limited to our prestigious hotel, as we commit to preserve the beauty of surrounding natural places and promote the development of the region and local communities. Consequently, we prefer to enter into business relationships with local companies that work according to principles that are similar to ours. Moreover, favouring local suppliers helps us reduce our CO2 footprint. Another important goal achieved is to select only cosmetic companies that work in accordance with our principles and are environmentally responsible, guaranteeing high quality products made of natural ingredients free of parabens, silicon, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and paraffin, formaldehyde, by-products and preservatives.

Your Contribution

  • Your rooms are equipped with a system that controls the air conditioning and lighting to minimize unnecessary waste. Please turn off the air conditioning when you open the windows and try not to change the temperature by setting it too high or too low.
  • Limit water consumption and don’t let water flow too long from the tap or shower. Try to limit the changing of sheets or towels so that we can save both water and detergents. Hang your towels back up if you want to use them again and leave the “butterfly” on your bed if you want your sheets changed. Please ask to change your bathrobe or pool towel only if you really need it.
  • Limit the use of your personal car and take advantage of the local means of transport. They are very efficient. The receptionists will provide you with the necessary information.