Thermal Centre

From the Roman Thermae to modern scientific research, we put 2,000 years of experience in treatment and prevention into practice.

If you consider your Health to be your most precious asset, combining a holiday with a path of prevention and treatment is the smartest choice.

You will find the solution to your ailments at our Thermal and Medical Spa: get ready to say goodbye to rheumatic and bone and joint pain, restore your psycho-physical balance and strengthen your body and immune system with 100% natural, effective and certified treatments.

Put your trust in the professionalism, dedication and passion of our Team of qualified operators.

An overview of our Thermal Centre:

Recognised as a healthcare facility
for the provision of essential health services

with the Italian National Health System

Thermal doctor
available every day

4 active thermal wells,
from which we extract curative thermal water at a temperature of approximately 87°C

Mud matured and certified
in compliance with the strictest protocols. Our maturation tanks, visible when going from the car park to the entrance, are our pride and joy

Open every day
Mud-balneotherapy and inhalation therapies are carried out every day, including Sundays

Elegant department
with marble finish and bas-relief of Triton, the God of the Sea

Spacious treatment cabins
with a wrought-iron mud therapy bed and a balneotherapy pool inspired by the ancient Roman Thermae

Inhalation therapy department
with state-of-the-art equipment

The Medical Director

Dr Francesca Forestan is a medical surgeon, thermal therapist, with a specialisation in aesthetic medicine. She supervises the entire thermal and massage-physiotherapy team.

You can rely on her for advice and begin a tailor-made treatment and wellness path based on your state of health and your targeted therapeutic goal.