Thermal pools

Indulge with true immersion into pure Wellness

Salt-bromine-iodine thermal water: a true source of Health, precious and rich in minerals, springs from underground after a long journey. It is waiting to welcome you and embrace you in its therapeutic warmth, allowing you to return to everyday life fully regenerated.

Three thermal water pools

The three thermal water pools with temperatures varying from 29-36°C occupy a total area of more than 1,000 square metres. They offer an unparalleled view of the large, lush park of about 30,000 square metres.

The indoor pool communicates with one of the two outdoor pools, at an average temperature of 32-36°C. The therapeutic warmth of the thermal water is combined with the massaging and tension-relieving action of many hydro-massage options - barrels and loungers, water blades for neck massage and hydro-bikes.

The outdoor pool

The outdoor pool is a real invitation to relax. Overflow water, with a gradual depth of up to 1.5 metres and an average temperature of 29-34°C.

This pool is also provided with effervescent air hydro-massage barrels and loungers, a Japanese path for stimulating the circulatory and immune system, hydro-bikes, water blades for neck massage and a Whirlpool lounge area for sheer relaxation. Guests with reduced mobility are also able to access the pool.

It can also be used in the colder months thanks to covered access to the Hesperides Garden, our panoramic sun terrace. In warmer months, Guests can benefit from exposure to the sun's rays while lying comfortably at the poolside.