Thermal pools

Treat yourself to true immersion in pure Wellbeing

Balmy-bromine-jodic thermal water: a true source of health, precious and rich in minerals, bubbling up from underground after a long journey and waiting to welcome you and embrace you in its therapeutic warmth, to help you return to everyday life fully regenerated.

There are 5 thermal pools awaiting your discovery, each one characterised by its own identity and space. Of these, one is exclusively for individual hydrotherapy sessions at the SPA on the first floor and four are located in the pool area on the ground floor, with an unparalleled view of the lush park of approximately 30,000 square metres, for a total area of 1,800 square metres of water and endless micro-bubbles.

The Tropical Pool

This is the real novelty - not only for the Tritone Luxury Experience, but for the entire Euganean spa basin. Imagine yourself on a tropical atoll, in the shade of a palm grove... An immense expanse of water, with various areas to enjoy, savouring the feeling of relaxation and privacy; the bar directly inside the pool and the stools immersed in the water; relaxation areas all around and "Love Dreams" gazebos for couples, with direct access to the swimming pool; the chaises longues overflowing with water and adjustable to "chase" the sun's rays during the day; the large central whirlpool, whose powerful effervescence recalls the heat rising to the surface from underground. Little bridges connecting the various areas of the pool, to enjoy romantic views.

The Tropical Pool in numbers:

  • 700 cubic metres of thermal water distributed over an area of 650 square metres
  • Water temperature: 30-34°C
  • 9-seater bench with hydromassage
  • 2 neck waterfalls
  • 1 large central whirlpool with 12 seats
  • 1 geyser
  • 10 chaises longues with water overflow

The Tropical Pool is connected to the second outdoor pool, which in turn is connected to the indoor pool, to allow Guests to reach every point of the pools immersed in water even in the coldest months, avoiding temperature changes.

The second outdoor pool

has a temperature of 32-36°C and offers multiple whirlpool and water features: 2 water blades, 2 whirlpool beds, 3 whirlpool barrels, 1 foot massage, 1 whirlpool bench with 5 seats, 2 geyser whirlpools.

The indoor thermal pool

is located in a treasure chest of elegance and comfort, where elegant design lounges, comfortable chaises longues, and romantic round daybeds with soft cushions can be found. The blue of the water is reflected in the contrasting violet and green of the furnishing fabrics and materials and the spectacular ceiling chandeliers.

The therapeutic heat of the thermal water (between 32°-36°C) is combined with the massaging and decontracting action of 1 water blade, 1 hydromassage bed, 1 hydromassage bench with 5 seats.

The fourth outdoor thermal pool,

an irresistible invitation to relaxation. Overflow water, a gradual depth of up to 1.5m and an average temperature of 29-34°C. Thanks to its temperature and length of 21 metres, it is the ideal environment for guests who enjoy swimming.

This pool also features numerous hydro-laxation oasis: 2 water blades, a whirlpool bench with 8 seats, 6 whirlpool beds, a Japanese path for stimulating the circulatory and immune system, and 12 whirlpool casks. Access is also suitable for disabled guests. It can also be used in the colder months thanks to the covered access to the Giardino delle Esperidi, our panoramic sun porch. In the warmer months, guests can benefit from exposure to the sun's rays while lying comfortably by the poolside.

The thermal hydrotherapy pool,

which completes our offer, is located on the first floor of our SPA and is dedicated to your health and muscular and osteo-articular recovery. Sessions are always individual, allowing you to concentrate on your treatment in complete privacy.