Rehabilitate. Strengthen. Re-educate. To ensure a good quality of life.

If not corrected and treated, localised pain, joint problems, muscular stiffness or restricted movement can, in the medium term, upset the balance of our body-system, negatively affecting our quality of life.

As treatments considered in harmony with the therapeutic action of mud and thermal baths, or as part of an individual rehabilitation and recovery programme, the physiotherapy treatments offered at our Thermal Centre under medical prescription pursue an important goal: to help our guests regain their optimal psycho-physical condition.

Our team of wellness professionals includes physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists, who work in cabins for manual treatments, physiotherapy gyms and thermal pools.

We are aware that limited movement, the need for rehabilitation after surgery or after the outcome of neurological problems requires not only the professionalism and empathy of the therapist, but also a private and protected place where the Guest feels at ease, and neither observed nor judged. A place where you can concentrate on your improvement and healing process, without stress and at your own pace and ability.
Consequently, at our Thermal Centre, in addition to individual therapy cabins, our Guests have at their disposal a physiotherapy gym and a thermal water pool for individual access by appointment, supervised by a personal therapist.


For rehabilitation:

  • Private gym, equipped for active and passive exercises and rehabilitation, with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Thermal pool with individual access, situated in a well-lit pavilion, equipped with aids for entering the water.
  • Machines for antalgic instrumental physiotherapy: laser, ultrasound, magneto-therapy and electrotherapy.
  • Tecar therapy: physical therapy that uses the body's own energy to activate its natural repair and anti-inflammatory processes.


The rehabilitation and re-education treatment par excellence. It uses the warmth of thermal water and the reduced weight on the joints when floating to reduce pain during the session and speed up improvement in joints and movements. The resistance provided by the water also helps to strengthen the muscles.